Thanks to generous donors, we have now raised sufficient funds to send local teachers to Sneong village daily. The only sustainable route to having permanent education in rural villages is to have basic infrastructure and a few good local teachers. For months, we relied on volunteer help to commute from Battambang to Sneong daily to teach the children, but it was just an interim plan.

We’re so happy that Phallin, a current student at LOHI decided to step up to take on the role. He introduced to us another Cambodian, Sreyta who is also an undergraduate student in English literature. And they now take turns to go to Sneong every alternate day, each.  It is no easy feat traveling 45 mins on a motorbike one-way, especially on scorching hot days. We are truly grateful.

However, the work is not done! We’re still looking to hire more local teachers for the other villages. If you are keen to join us on this journey of educating young lives, do contact us and we can explore ways you can support this effort.








Update 1 April 2015: The children in Sneong village now have stationeries of their own!

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