Education is not just about building schools, but it’s about empowering people to be teachers that are more than just educators but mentors & guides who are passionate about shaping lives and futures.


While we have been (and still is) busy raising funds for literacy centers in rural Battambang, we are mindful that the teachers who are currently teaching in the six villages are in dire need of training. They come from all walks of life, one a bomb survivor from the Khmer Rouge regime, another a farmer, another a teenager still schooling and yet another, a pastor.

These individuals have availed themselves to be of service to their community. Although they come with little or no background in teaching, they bring with them a priceless passion and vision to educate children and adults in their community.

We kick started the first teacher training program for rural teachers on 14 July, laying the foundations and the understanding of the role of teachers. Deb was extremely humbled by their eagerness to learn and their enthusiasm for knowledge.

These teachers live in rural Battambang, some as far as 60kms away. On the first day, some of them looked drained, but it was no wonder as they had to travel on pot hole ridden roads to get to LOHI.

The children in these villages are schooled under trees, under a village stilt house, in open fields and next to barns. Some villagers don’t even have electricity and water supply. They share pieces of paper and a handful of stationery.

On the last day of training, before sending the teachers off, we were thankful to give them a “Resource Box” to take home. A box filled with stationery, teaching supplies and arts and craft material. The supplies would last them a month or so, until they return to LOHI in September for the next round of teacher training.

If you wish to contribute to the building of literacy centers and the empowering of local teachers in rural Battambang, we’d love to hear from you.

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