Coming back from Cambodia, it took me at least two weeks to realise what has changed about me and how God has changed the way I see things. Though I realised them even during my stay in Cambodia, I felt it was still too soon to say, as I wasn’t back in Malaysia. Out of this programme:

1. A desire to do missions has been planted.
During my stay there, Commander Terence held devotion sessions early every morning. These devotion sessions, from day 1, were really encouraging and eye-opening. It taught me the importance of missions, as well as the importance of missions offering.

From these sessions, it has planted a desire in me to do more missions/volunteer work. My Spirit was so convicted then, and there is no turning back since it has taught me that each of us Christians don’t need any special gifts to go out and share the good news, or even teach the commands of Jesus. Why? Because it was a command to all! Jesus didn’t set any criteria to fulfil the Great Commission. Secondly, I was one of those in church who never contributed much at all to the missions offering. But now that I am well aware of why I need to, I do so.

2. This trip has stretched my horizons.
In life, we go through many seasons. Coming to Cambodia under STORM was a season in which God totally put me outside of my comfort zone. Comfort was sacrificed. Solitude, sacrificed. But out of every season, there was always something I learnt and a revelation of God’s reason for putting me through such circumstances. Out of the STORM programme, I learnt that it is always going to be SERVICE above self. Going through this season, it was like a diamond being put under overwhelming heat in order for it to shine. It felt as if I was a rock being scraped and shaped into the desired outcome, by my Maker. It felt that way because I felt like I was placed in the most uncomfortable of circumstances. God so clearly revealed to me that this trip, in His own words, “is merely a stepping stone to the many other nations I have yet to send you to step foot on” and that He was preparing me for that. This revelation has made me see a prophecy I received two years ago coming to past slowly. This, has also explained my longing to learn languages ever since the age of 13.

3. Living every day of my Battambang life, it has taught me that I can do so much every day and that if we rely on God, we might just make our day even more exciting than expected.
In Cambodia, I learnt that so much could be done in one day, my weeks would end up being described as “eventful” or rather, “epic”. They were not tiring, but they were exciting! Resuming to my last semester of A- levels I decided I was not going to live it like I did with the past three semesters! I decided I was going to make the most out of it. Living the A-level life could eventually get boring as you start doing things repetitively such as going for classes, and after that, study sessions at the library. If that was how I would live it again, it would make me forget of the great plans God has for me. I would be confined to thinking of exams, exams and exams. And soon enough I would easily turn down plans like making another trip back to Cambodia, or forget of my goal of learning mandarin and tagalog this year.

Coming back, having learnt the importance of missions and experienced how eventful a week or even a day can be, I decided that my last semester of A- levels is going to be as eventful and exciting. It’s going to be a God-inspired ministry. If people my age are dying from car accidents or deadly diseases, heck I have a job to do! I have to share the good news! Many have not heard it and I have a mission to accomplish until my next mission trip. Learning two languages are part of my goals, as I also plan to do missions in Philippines and China. It’s a calling. So with these two things in mind: 1) learn languages 2) A level life= a mission, I’m confident that my walk with God would be a steadfast one. Life with God is an exciting one. You just never know what to expect. He stretches your horizons, makes you run though obstacles but He knows you can handle it know matter how difficult the situation may be, as it is said in 1 Corinthians 10:13b….

“God is faithful; He will not let you be tempted beyond what you can bear. But when you are tempted, He will also provide a way out so that you can stand up under it. “

4. Living every eventful day in Battambang taught me the importance of JOURNALING.
There was so much going on in one day that you’re just forced to write every moment down because you want to cease and cherish every part of it which seems to be running like a bullet train. It passes really quickly!

Back in Malaysia and to the A level life, my constant journaling in Cambodia has established a habit to write every day or every other day. Coming home from college, sitting down, contemplating and writing the things I’ve seen, things I’ve learnt and felt, is so much better than just looking at days just pass by. Journaling helps me relive every good moment which has passed. It makes me remember the emotions felt, the fun I had and the inspiring people I had encountered.

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