We’re excited to announce a new project with Puk Chmaa primary school located approximately 10km from Battambang town. This small, conducive school has a nice green field in the center while being surround by single storey school blocks. The compound is clean and its classrooms are bright. More than that, the children attending this primary school are eager, enthusiastic learners.

The school has been understaffed and lacking resources for the past two years. A teacher from the school reached out to us and we heard him out. Cautious not to jump into a new project hastily, we visited the school a couple of times and later had a formal discussion with the school’s principals. We found that the need was urgent. Students were increasing, but there were no teachers to teach. Teaching resources were running low thus limiting the ability for current teachers teach. Students had insufficient money to purchase uniforms and many left because they didn’t feel belonged. We saw this as an opportunity and decided to support the school.

We have been sending volunteers on a daily basis to teach English. Over time, we hope to hire a local teacher to take on the role. Majority of the students who are aged nine and above still do not know the letters of the alphabets and so we are starting from basics. Many of them can’t afford to buy school uniforms and a lot more don’t have money to purchase books and stationery. We are raising funds for these children so that they can have a memorable and valuable school-going experience.

We’re excited to see this school reach its potential because we believe opportunities are not by accident. Want to help? Drop us an email at terencedeb[at]gmail.com

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