written by Li Shea

What is your biggest take home from the trip?

Listening to missionary’s testimonies then made me think “ Wow , it’s amazing how they get to go to (insert far off place) to help (whoever). I wish I could too.” Now, thinking back, it wasn’t so much how far I went but really seeing the needs of others and trying my best to help them. Going through STORM and the bible studies made me reflect on all that I had seen in my university and neighbourhood, that the title “missionary trip” shouldn’t limit me from just being a ‘missionary’ at that trip but anywhere I am, to help someone if I am able to. One of my fears before starting out was feeling underqualified but the two weeks have taught me to really trust in Him in equipping to serve wherever He takes me, even if I may not see it at first.

How would you do life differently after the trip?

One thing that hit home was that I realised I subconsciously stereotype certain people who may be in need and that deters me from wanting to help them. However, as a Christian, we are taught to love our neighbour as well as being a neighbour to others; not pick and choose who our neighbour is. That realisation was a slap in the face but humbling at the same time and it became easier to strip off all those biases towards others and genuinely feel compassion for them. Even to being more aware of the people around me, though it may feel awkward and uncomfortable, I try to approach them when I see the need to. Rejection is just part of the process. Most of the time, help is much appreciated.

Did you encounter any challenges and how did you overcome it?

Believing that I was not qualified at all, and it being my first time “being on the mission field” made me hold back on truly serving properly for the first few days because I was just too worried about myself being inadequate. As the days passed, my focus turned to God and now looking back, my thoughts went from “Will I be able to this?” to “This is what the children need to learn.” There were obviously times when I struggled but my friends helped where they could. Needless to say, with friends (and God) nothing is too difficult.


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