written by Joshua Koh

Truly one of the most amazing and memorable experiences of my life. This short 10 days mission trip has completely changed my understanding of poverty and what it really means to serve others.

During my short stay, I learned countless different lessons and experiences.

  1. Seeing how the students love and trust the Lord has taught me that I must faithfully trust God at all times.
  2. Bonding with the students and having a better understanding of their different life stories.
  3. Appreciating how hard a teacher’s job is and the amount of work put into teaching.
  4. Learning how to do basic chores.

However, my biggest take home from all of this was to appreciate the virtue of education. Being a typical 17-year-old teenager, living in Kuala Lumpur and attending an International School, I was one who would complain at every little thing whether it would be a teacher giving homework, weekly test or even going to tuition to get extra help. But after my short stint in Sunflower Hostel, I saw how hungry the students were to learn, even with long study periods every day, they were always full of passion and hunger and was always eager to learn more. Their attitude towards learning really opened my eyes. Just because the opportunity of a good education was easily handed to me, I did not understand the value of it. Instead of taking it for granted, I should really pursue my studies whole-heartedly, and fully make use of the opportunity my parents have given to me. 

However, I’m not saying that my stay was all ups and no downs. Throughout my week there I encountered many challenges.

  1. Getting past the language barrier.  Even though I am a Malaysian, my Bahasa is not very good. I faced trouble communicating with them. Initially, I could barely hold a simple conversation with them.  But with the help of the internet as well as the patience of the students it became much easier as the days went by.
  2. Figuring out interactive ways to teach the English Language. Never have I thought teaching would be so hard since then my respect for teachers have skyrocketed. This may have been the biggest obstacle for me the overcome, and frankly, I don’t think I have yet. However, it taught me how to be more resourceful, helping me think out of the box.

This STORM project has impacted my life in ways I never knew could, imparting life lessons and relationships to treasure for a lifetime. TEN DAYS there really is not enough.

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