written by Jon Chan

After spending two weeks outside of my comfort zone, helping out a small humble community in Kampung Talantang, one of the most significant takeaways is this new perspective of what Mission trips are all about. I came with the impression and mindset that I will be giving out to this community, gaining new personal experiences which will be helpful for my future works (both within and outside of church) and growing in various aspects. But I’ve soon come to realise over the course of the trip that this isn’t about me at all, its all about them. We go and we do our very best to build lasting relationships with the people there, become part of their family, their friend and companion. It’s so easy to just drop by and drop off some supplies and call it “good works” but it became much more meaningful and fruitful to me when I became a brother to them and walk by their side through the simplest things in life during the two weeks. 

This trip made me realise that we don’t have to go far out into the world to serve, and during our devotion we talked about how opportunities often slip by our preoccupied attention and we don’t notice the doors that were opened to us, and the times we didn’t help even though we were capable of. This also ties to our bible study on the Parable of the Good Samaritan. Through this, I pray for wisdom, daily, learning to rely on the Spirit and be led by His will, to get through the day by being a blessing to those around me. I also pay more attention to the different tiers of people I come in contact with (family, friends, coursemates, university mates), making myself always available and ready to help whenever an opportunity presents itself.

Throughout this trip, the biggest obstacle I had to overcome was the language barrier and cultural difference. Despite being of the same nationality, it was slightly challenging to effectively communicate with the children without staggering, but the children were always quick to fill in the words for me. I also overcame the issue of cultural difference after fully grasping the idea that we are all of the same creation and belong to the same Kingdom, and the two weeks was a lot of “breaking walls and building bridges”. All in all, I’m really thankful for the opportunity to be a part of this short trip, and I look forward to more opportunities like this.


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