Kajang Assemblies of God church became a recent partner when Terence spoke about the plight and need in Sabah at a pastor’s conference. Their Senior Pastor, Calvin connected with us almost immediately to plan a recce trip after being deeply moved by the sharing. After the recce trip, the church donated a large sum to support the refurbishing and building of new toilets and a new semi-open air hall at Hostel Marigold Solimpodon.

Months after the first recce trip, Pastor Calvin roped a group of 14 people with different skills and talents to come for a team missions trip. They spent a good week with us teaching the children at Hostel Jasmine Talantang, encouraging our wardens, educating the youth at Hostel Marigold Solimpodon and cooking delectable meals for the students.

It was wonderful teamwork at play and a brilliant example of how, as a team, we can together build the Kingdom of God. Thank you Kajang AOG for partnering with us.


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