It feels so good to visit Cambodia again and help the ones in need. However unlike the last trip (in June) where I had to teach classes, this time we (my team and I) had to put together a sanitary and hygiene workshop and help out with medical camps. Through the trip, I have learnt that the people of Cambodia have poor access to basic sanitary and hygiene facilities and resources. It was indeed quite a challenge to educate them with proper hygiene information due to the lack of consistency of action and most of the families have other pressing needs such as earning enough money to put food on the table, as opposed to buying a bar of soap.

Teaching the kids was really priceless as we got to understand their lifestyles better. At the same time, we can spread the word, telling the story of poor sanitation system in Cambodia in order to encourage others to join in and help. We have planted the seed for better sanitation in the minds of younger generation and I sincerely hope that the seed will soon grow and that the younger generation will realize the importance of proper sanitation thus reducing and preventing the spread of diseases caused by contaminated water.

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