We kicked off 2017 with a newly refurbished hostel at Solimpodon in the Pitas District. This hostel, named Hostel Marigold, will be able to accommodate up to 90 students at full capacity. In November 2016, Starfish Foundation refurbished and renovated the hostel which was in a dire state. In January 2017, we had an intake of 20 students and till date we have 35 students in our hostel. Current intake has been paused at the moment until we build additional toilets and bathrooms and a dining area which is scheduled in June or July 2017.

Hostel Marigold Solimpodon also has a large plot of land where Starfish tills it to plant vegetables and crops to feed the students and also for commercial purposes. This is to ensure a sustainable means for the growth of our hostel.

These students come from rural areas where living in their homes is not an option if they want to go to school. We thank God for this opportunity to be able to reach out to them.

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